About & FAQs

Location:   12th floor, 66 Mohakhali (Building 2) 
Hours:        Sunday – Thursday,   10:00– 4:00


The Writing Centre is a resource for the students, faculty, and staff of BRAC University who are interested in developing their writing skills for assignments, publication, or job-related purposes.

Individuals or small groups can book appointments with our consultants to discuss their writing. Due to high demand, we suggest you make your appointment in advance.

The Writing Centre also works with the university’s institutes, schools, departments, centres, and other resources to facilitate the ongoing development of academic writing at the university by providing workshops and in-class presentations and well as consulting on writing-related issues.


The Writing Centre staff will look at a document at any stage in the writing process as well as review the document after it has received feedback from an instructor or publisher. They can assist you in identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as make suggestions. The staff also answer specific questions you might have related to academic writing. Please note that the Writing Centre does not proofread or edit documents for students, faculty, or staff.  

The following are some of the topics discussed during appointments:

  • planning a writing project
  • developing ideas
  • organizing writing
  • thesis statements
  • paragraphs
  • editing strategies
  • plagiarism
  • incorporating research
  • citing and referencing
  • sentence structure
  • grammar
  • punctuation  

The Writing Centre will not edit a document for its author.   However, we work with authors to edit their documents during face-to-face consultations. We ask questions, provide suggestions, and give feedback. We also work on developing editing strategies tailored to each individual.  

BRACU Employees:  If faculty or staff would like sample feedback before making an appointment, the Writing Centre will look over the first page of their document and provide comments.  Any further work on the document must be done with its author(s) during in-person consultations. Please note this sevice is not available to students.  

To make an appointment, you may 

  • visit the Writing Centre on the 12th floor,  66 Mohakhali (Building 2) or 
  • telephone  9844051 ext. 4137.
  • a pencil/pen
  • a sample piece of your writing or a specific document you are working on
  • any guidelines/instructions for your work 
  • any questions about writing you would like answered

If you can’t come to your appointment, please tell us as soon as possible so we can offer the time to someone else!   Let us know by 

  • visiting the Writing Centre on the 12th floor, 66 Mohakhali (Building 2),
  • telephoning 9844051 ext. 4137, or
  • emailing writingcentrebracu@gmail.com.

We know that the campus is large, and there are often lineups for the elevators, so we will wait for 15 minutes after your appointment starts. If you are more than 15 minutes late, we reserve the right to give the appointment time to someone else.

If you miss three appointments in a semester, we reserve the right not to provide service to you for the remainder of the semester. At the beginning of the next semester, you are welcome to talk to the coordinator about using the Writing Centre again.