Make an Appointment

Appointments are available 5 days a week. The appointment slots are:
10:00-10:50              11:00-11:50              12:00-12:50
01:00-01:50              02:00-02:50               03:00-03:50

Book your appointment before they get filled up!!!

How to Make an Appointment

To make an appointment, you may 

  • visit the Writing Centre on the 12th floor,  66 Mohakhali (UB21203) or 
  • telephone  9844051 ext. 4137.

What to Expect in an Appointment

At the beginning of your appointment, you and your writing consultant will discuss why you came to the Writing Centre and what you would like to know or do. Together, you will set the goal(s) for the appointment. During the session, you and the consultant will discuss your writing, ask and answer questions, and work to develop your writing skills or knowledge. Appointments are approximately 45 minutes long.

What to Bring 

  • a pen/pencil
  • a sample piece of your writing or a specific document you are working on
  • any guidelines/instructions you are supposed to follow
  • any questions about writing that you would like answered