Working With Faculty

In-Class Presentations

Faculty members are welcome to request in-class presentations on academic writing, plagiarism, and citing and referencing for their students. Contact the Writing Centre to discuss your ideas. Please note that two weeks’ notice is required to schedule presentations.

Workshops & Consultations

Faculty and staff members are also welcome to request a workshop or a consultation for professional development purposes, whether it is related to developing writing assignments, assessing a writing component of their program, developing a writing rubric, plagiarism, citing and referencing, or teaching academic writing. Contact the coordinator of the Writing Centre to discuss your ideas.

Preparing a Manuscript for Academic Publishing

Faculty and staff members, who are interested in publishing a document, are welcome to visit the Writing Centre to discuss their work, ask questions, and obtain feedback on their writing. The Writing Centre staff will look at a document at any stage in the writing process (pre-writing and any stage of the drafts). However, the Writing Centre does not offering editing services: We do not go over an entire document and edit it for the author.  

As part of our mandate, we only work with authors during face-to-face consultations. However, if faculty or staff would like sample feedback before making an appointment, the Writing Centre will look over the first page of their document and provide comments. Any further work on the document must be done with its authors during in-person consultations.